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How Do I Make Payments

HOGANHOST LTD offers local and international clients, convenient ways to make payment for any product or service. This is to ensure that every client has maximum comfort when making payment.

For local payments, mode of payment includes

Local Bank Transfer/Deposit, Paystack (Payment With Verve / Visa / Master Card / USSD)

For International payments, mode of payment includes

PayPal (Credit Card/Debit Card), and Paystack (Payment With Master Card)

You may pay cash or transfer funds directly into our Bank account

Contact our billing department to ask for our bank account details on support ticket or mail us at  [email protected] and our billing department will give you our bank details depending on your country.

once our bank account is given please While making your payment, kindly state the depositor’s name as the same name on our records and place the invoice number(s) or domain name(s) the payment is for in parentheses.

For instance, if you registered with the name HOGANHOST and you are paying for the invoices #1111 and #1222 or possibly the accounts example.com and example.com.ng, you should state the depositor’s name as HOGANHOST (#1111, #1222) or as HOGANHOST (example.com, example.com.ng). These details would assist us in tracing your payment quickly and easily.

Once payment has been made, send us an email at [email protected] providing the name of the depositor, slip number, date of payment, the amount paid, the order number (Please ensure that you have placed your order), and the invoice number of the order.

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