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We are NIRA accredited registrar

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Our domain name registration prices are listed below. Remember that our add-ons such as WHOIS Privacy, Email Forwarding, Domain Defender Protection, Custom WHOIS Records and DNS Management are always 100% free!

Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer
.ai Hot N71,800 N71,800 N83,000
.com.ng Hot N800 N1,500 N1,300
.com popular N14,500 N14,500 N14,500
.co new N11,520 N25,750 N25,750
.click new N4,480 N9,860 N9,860
.edu.ng N6,000 N6,000 N6,000
.gov.ng official N10,000 N10,000 N10,000
.info sale N5,450 N19,200 N19,200
.i.ng N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.live N5,480 N23,880 N23,880
.life N4,300 N27,520 N27,520
.mobi.ng N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.net N13,750 N13,750 N13,750
.ng N6,000 N6,000 N6,000
.net.ng N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.org N12,880 N12,880 N12,880
.org.ng N1,500 N1,500 N1,500
.store sale N7,450 N43,300 N43,300
.site new N5,300 N29,450 N29,450
.sch.ng new N6,000 N6,000 N6,000
.xyz N4,300 N11,780 N11,780