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You can now resell domains easily by connecting to our extensive APIs at no additional charge.

We also have a WHMCS registrar module that will work perfectly for you if you already use WHMCS. Just install and start reselling! You could also resell domains without connecting with our API. Just register to become a reseller and start selling. The more domains you sell, the more discounts you get.

HoganHost Domain Reseller Process

Sell More And Save More

As you sell more domains, you get higher with more discounts.

Extensions (TLD) Register Renew Transfer Hot N800 N1,500 N1,300
.com popular N11,200 N11,200 N11,200
.co new N9,920 N22,392 N22,392
.click new N3,780 N8,560 N8,560 N6,000 N6,000 N6,000 official N10,000 N10,000 N10,000
.info sale N4,640 N15,840 N15,840 N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.live N4,760 N20,760 N20,760
.life N3,680 N23,920 N23,920 N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.net N11,960 N11,960 N11,960
.ng N6,000 N6,000 N6,000 N1,300 N1,300 N1,300
.org N11,200 N11,200 N11,200 N1,500 N1,500 N1,500
.store sale N6,480 N37,592 N37,592
.site new N4,560 N20,800 N20,800 new N6,000 N6,000 N6,000
.xyz N3,680 N10,240 N10,240

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