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How Much Is Web Hosting In Nigeria

How much is web hosting in Nigeria?

This is a specific eating up most of the online entrepreneurs here, but today, we hope to end this stalemate. In this article, we will look at what you need to host a website in Nigeria.

And to make it more valuable, we are going to compare what the top three web hosting providers are offering.

In the end, you should be able to come up with a budget plan based on what your business needs and what you can afford.

How much is web hosting in Nigeria?

The cost of web hosting in Nigeria is subject to several factors including the provider company you picked. On average, expect to pay ₦1000 for a domain and ₦250 per month for a hosting account.

What you need to host a website in Nigeria

To create a website, you need these two things in place:

A domain name

For example:

If you are building an online store, your domain name could be something like outfit.com.ng.

That is your website name and the address users will type into their web browser to access your website.

Now, to get a domain name in Nigeria, you need to first search to make sure it is available.

So, there are two scenarios here:

  •        A domain is available – meaning no one else has registered it, yet
  •       Domain not available – this means that the website name you searched is already taken (registered) by someone else.

When the last scenario happens, as in you find that your preferred domain is already registered by someone, you have two options.

First, talk to the current owner, who knows, maybe he/she is willing to sell the name to you. In this case, we cannot determine how much that will cost you because it will depend on his/her asking price.

Another option is to forget about it altogether and register a new domain. Yes, you don’t have to obsess about something already gone with someone else. Instead, get a new name and register.

How to register a website name in Nigeria

To get started with the registration process, you need a list of viable website names.


Because of what we’ve already mentioned; some names are already taken, and when that happens, you need another website names ideas to fall back to, don’t you?

How will you get the list?

Well, the easiest way to come up with several website name ideas in Nigeria is by using a domain name generator.

There is this tool known as BizNameWiz.com.

All you have to do input your keyword and click Generate

This should give a list of ideas. Go ahead and pick the ones you like.

For example:

I like BloggingDynamics.com.ng, BloggingNomad.com.ng, and BloggingMojo.com.ng.

On further research, I realized that all of them are available for registration.

Go ahead and click BUY IT NOW to start the registration process.

That is how to register a domain in Nigeria;

  • First, search the name to ascertain its availability
  • Then go ahead and add it to the cart
  • Complete the registration process


How much does a domain cost in Nigeria?

The cost of a domain name will help us answer the question; how much is web hosting in Nigeria.

Also, the cost will be affected by several factors;

  • Type of domain – some extensions costs more than others
  • Domain registrar – some companies charge more than the others

Point to note:

since you now have a domain name, what next?

A website name is only half the equation. Remember, you will have files like articles, images, video, and audio. Question is, where will you store them?

I can tell you for free, you cannot store website files on your local computer. Because your users won’t be able to find them.

Web hosting account in Nigeria


With a web hosting account, you have all the resources you need to run a website in Nigeria.

Question is, how much is web hosting in Nigeria?

web hosting companies charge different prices to host your website.

To make this easier for you, we have compared the entry hosting plans of the three best web hosting companies in Nigeria.


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Package Name Cost per month Features
HoganHost Mini1 Hosting ₦250
  • Unlimited Disk-space
  • 1GB Bandwidth
  • Maximum Domain Hosted: 1
  • One-Click Installer
  • Free SSL Certificates
QServers Starter ₦500
  • 2 Gb Storage
  • 8 Gb Bandwith
  • Free .com.ng
  • Free SSL Cert.
  • Unlimited Emails
DomainKing.ng Soldier ₦375
  • 2 GB SSD Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Host 1 Website
  • 1 Free.COM.NG Domain
  • Free SSL
  • cPanel Control Panel

Are you still asking how much is web hosting in Nigeria?

There you have it, the cost of domain and web hosting in Nigeria.

What you don’t know about HoganHost

Hoganhost comes up as the most affordable and reliable web hosting provider in Nigeria, there something you don’t know about them.

They are not into domain registration, the focus mainly on web hosting service trying to give the very best service when it comes to web hosting in Nigeria

we hope you have found answers to how much is web hosting in Nigeria.

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