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Search the Whois Database to know who owns a Domains Name.

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Whois Lookup is a Service That Allows To You To Search? for public information of any registered domain name. Whenever you register any domain, its information like Registrant's contact, Expiry date, domain's status, Registrar's details are stored by the Registry in their database. These details are used to check a domain's availability, its ownership & associated nameservers. Hoganhost.com.ng whois lookup tool lets you search the Whois information of any Top Level Domain including whois of .ng, .com.ng, .com, .org, .net & many other domain extensions. Using our tool you can find the all the information associated with any domain.

Using HOGANHOST.COM.NG whois lookup tool is super easy. All you have to do is enter the domain name for which you want to find the whois information in the search box at the top of this page. After you enter the domain, we will search the domain in the Registry's Whois database. If the domain is registered then you will be able to see all the domain's public whois information which would include the following details:

Registrant Name

Registrant Organization

Registrant Address & Contact

Registrar Name:

Registrar URL

Domain's Creation Date

Domain's Expiration Date

Registrar Abuse Contact Information

Domain Status

And other details are also included.

But in case the domain is not already registered then we will show the error "Domain doesn't exist in our database". If the domain is available, you can go ahead & register it with us. Why don't you go ahead & search your domain with our whois lookup tool.

ICANN policy requires that you provide accurate whois information during the registration of any domain. If your domain's contact information is not accurate then your domain can be put on hold. So it is advised to always keep your contact details up to date at the Registry. If your domain is registered with us then you can easily Update your Whois Contact Information from your domain management panel at Hoganhost.com.ng at any time you want. Whenever you update any information for your domain with us, we will automatically update it at the Registry for you to comply with Registry policies.

By defaut, whois information of every domain is public and anyone can view your contact details. But you can protect your whois information by using our Free Whois Privacy protection service which will make your name, email & phone number private. We will replace your contact details with our default data & protect your personal information. Using our Privacy protection service will protect you from unwanted spammers & data miners who can misuse your public whois information. However, this service is currently available only for popular Global Top Level Domains (GTLDs) like .com, .org, .net etc. It is not available for country level domains such as for .ng, .com.ng domains. So if you have registered a .ng domain then you cannot use our Whois Protection Service. With Hoganhost.com.ng you can securely register your domains & also keep your personal information safe at all times. Go ahead & register your domain name right now!