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What Does Bandwidth Limit Exceeded Mean?

one day you head to your website and when you open it, you get an error message saying that the bandwidth limit has been exceeded.

509 bandwidth limit exceeded Meaning

What does that mean and can it be fixed?

The reason why you are getting this error is because you have a limited web hosting account. The best solution it to upgrade to a higher hosting plan, Hoganhost offers unlimited bandwidth for cheap (most of the time it’s even cheaper).

It’s not worth having a limited bandwidth web hosting account nowadays, because here are so many unlimited hosting providers for the same price.

509 Bandwidth Exceeded Error Code Solution

If you are using firefox, chrome or other browers you may see the 509 Error in the title bar of your browser. The Bandwidth limit error looks like this:

The bad news is that the bandwidth exceeded error cannot be fixed in cpanel or wordpress. It comes from your web hosting provider.

Here are reasons why you get the 509 bandwidth limit error:

1) Data Transfer

Data transfer refers to the amount of data that is actually being transferred.  This data is transferred between the computer and the internet.  Data transfer is measured in megabytes or gigabytes.  When you get a message that says your bandwidth has been exceeded in relation to your data transfer, think about prepaid minutes on a cell phone, as an example.  If you have 250 minutes on your cell phone and the minutes run out, your cell service will stop working.  The same holds true for bandwidth.  Once your allotted bandwidth runs out, you will no longer have access to your website.

2) Speed Transfer

In relation to speed transfer, bandwidth is the amount of data which is able to be transferred in a certain amount of time.  Speed transfer is measured in megabyte per second.  The hosting service provider that you use will sell you a plan based on speed.  The more bandwidth that you have, the more money you will spend on the plan.  However, the advantage is that you will have faster speeds.  In relation to speed transfer, think about highway lanes and vehicles.  If there are more vehicles than lanes, you run into a problem.

Exceeding your bandwidth usually occurs on a popular site with low bandwidth.  The solution to exceeding your bandwidth is to increase your bandwidth.

How To Fix The “Bandwidth Limit Reached/Exceeded” Error?

You can lose a lot of money if you have an important website with this error. As long as this error is there, your site won’t show to your visitors. Even worse, if the search engines see this error for a long time, they may consider it an inactive site and they can temporarily remove your site from the search engines. So your top priority should be to fix this error as soon as possible but how?

  • Option 1: Choose an unlimited hosting provider. They are cheap, and they offer unlimited bandwidth. This means that you will never see this error again.Hoganhost offer cheap unlimited web hosting. With these web hosts you will never experience bandwidth problems
  • Option 2: Contact your current web host as soon as possible. Tell the company that you need more bandwith: this could mean that you have to upgrade your current hosting plan, so expect to pay more from now on.


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