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Configuring cPHulk via WHM & command line

Now-a-days Brute force attacks to servers/websites are frequent. Brute force attack is generally a password guessing technique. It is a type of attack in which trying every possible combination of characters or data in order to find the decrypted message. A brute force guarantees finding the key – it’s trying every possible combination and does …

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How To Fix File Permission Issue In WHM Root Server?

Fix files permission issue in whm root server by Running SSH or Putty. Run the both script via SSH in your whm root server. wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PeachFlame/cPanel-fixperms/master/fixperms.sh sh ./fixperms.sh -all public_html 0750 Folder 0755 Files 0644 These permission must be available in public_html, folder & files in cpanel

How To Create A New Cpanel Account In WHM?

Hola, we will show you how to create a cpanel account, kindly note that cpanel can be created only on a Reseller, VPS or a Dedicated server. Step 1. Login to your WHM. Step 2. Click on the Account Function icon. Step 3. Click on the Create New Account sub-icon. Step 4. Under Domain Information put domain name, username and password (twice) & contact email address …

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